Celebrating 40 Years
Celebrating 40 Years
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Celebrating 40 Years

Intelligent Video Analytics

We utilize a number of technological and analytical tools to efficiently monitor our operations and valuable properties that we have been entrusted with protecting.

We provide vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring services for companies and individuals through our sister company Hogan Technologies.

Missing Object Detection sends notifications to our Lagos/Isheri Central Command Center if an existing object, like paintings in the gallery, is missing from the camera view for a period of time

Left Object Detection sends warnings if unattended objects, like unattended luggage, are left on the scene for a period of time.

Virtual Fence Detection perceives intrusions when suspicious objects/people pass a predefined line or proceed the wrong way in a single direction entrance.

Secure Zone Detection alarms when intrusions occur in one or more predefined forbidden zones.

Flow Counting calculates the amount of objects/people passing a predefined line or area.

Flame Detection notifies you when flames are detected.

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