Hogan Guards uses remote guarding to monitor homes, offices, and other valuables like ATM machines from our state-of-the-art central command center in Lagos. This is done through various surveillance systems including aerial monitoring (drones), CCTV systems, alarm triggers, guard tour systems, tracking devices and radio communication.

Our highly-trained emergency dispatchers monitor intensely with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for increased efficiency. If any suspicious activity is detected, the nearest emergency response team is rerouted to counter the threat.

Our Lagos central command center operates 24/7/365 using high-speed, secure, and unlimited internet, our 120-ft mast, and multiple online solar inverter systems with multiple backup generators to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Our built-in alarm base station alerts us of panic alarm or intruder alarm triggers at the locations of our clients nationwide. We then immediately deploy our standby armed response team and/or alert the nearest local authorities.

The Hogan Guards central command center is equipped to take emergency phone calls and deploy armed response or facilitate emergency assistance to clientele. This includes fire, medical, and rescue services. 

Remote guarding can either be used as a supplement to the physical security operatives at a location or in place of security guards. This can help save clients money while ensuring increased protection and response.