Hogan Guards is committed to carrying out business in the most ethical, honest, and open manner while encouraging accountability, confidential reporting of misconduct determined to be fraudulent, dishonest, corrupt, and capable of jeopardizing the integrity and reputation of HGL. In line with this and in order to encourage transparency and safeguard the integrity of HGL, we have put in place a whistleblower policy.


The policy is intended to:
a. Provide an avenue for reporting of illegal, unethical, or dishonest behavior, including actions liable to put the Company in jeopardy;
b. Provide assurance that concerns raised in confidentiality or anonymously will be treated so and identities will not be revealed to the extent possible. Also, whistleblowers shall be protected from retaliatory actions.


The aim of the policy is to have an open and enabling working environment, where legitimate concerns can be raised without fear of victimization, harassment, and the assurance of investigation reaching a justifiable conclusion.


For more details, please view the Hogan Guards Whistleblower Policy.


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