“I would like to recommend Hogan Guards to be one of the best security companies in Nigeria. Our institute has been into a relationship with Hogan Guards for over 12 years, offering security services for the bank without compromising standards. Hogan produces a lot of good guards that have integrity. Security officers under this organization have averted a lot of attempted burglars and even saved us from serious embarrassment. I can testify to you that sometime last year, one of their guards deployed to one of our branches at Abuja Region saw $10,000 across the counter. The money was for a customer who came to do a transaction and later forgot the money on her exit. To our greatest dismay, the security officer took the money and reported same to the operational manager of the branch. The said money can change the life of the guards but he decided to returns same. To crown it all, Hogan Guards rewarded him and reviewed his appointment. The guard was given permanent appointment and he was equally celebrated with other organizations and Banks CSO. I would not hesitate to recommend you to engage Hogan if you require security services. Thanks.”

Mr. Goddey Ojameruaye, Chief Security Officer, Ecobank Nigeria

“Hogan Guards is one of the leading security companies in Nigeria. Their services as EKEDP security service provider can not be overemphasized. Their manned guarding system is said to be one of the best. Their selling point is prompt response to security emergencies.”

Mr. Banwo, Chief Security Officer, EKO Electricity Distribution Company

“I have worked with Hogan Guards for over 10 years; supervision of their operations and immediate response to incidents has been amazing. In security, it is not what you expect that you get; it is what you inspect that you get. This is what they represent.”

Mr. Peter Okolo, Chief Security Officer, Fidelity Bank

“Hogan Security has been working with us for over 5 years being in-charge of the protection of our premises and ensuring safety of all valuables both human and materials. The security outfit has been professional in their conduct and attitude to work which is next to naught. As such, I hereby recommend Hogan Security services to anyone.”

Mr. Ogunade Joseph Tunde, HR Manager, Allied Atlantic Distilleries

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