Hogan Guards Limited (formerly Guardsmark Nigeria Limited), a limited liability company, is one of the leading security companies in the country.

The company began operation on August 18, 1981, and has advanced over the years in the field of Industrial Security.

Hogan Guards remains a force in the field of private security by implementing key 21st-century innovations. We recruit the most qualified individuals to join our team, and we conduct training developed and led by industry experts and elite law enforcement officials, backed by the latest technology, ongoing risk assessment, strict supervision, and continuous training that meets standards of international best practices in the industry to ensure maximum protection for clients.

  • 25
    States Covered

  • 8000+
    Staff Strength

  • 36
    Awards Won

  • 41
    Years in Business


The company is rated among the top three security companies in Nigeria in terms of size, organization, experience, equipment, assets, profitability, effectiveness, and strategy. Additionally, Hogan Guards Limited ranks as one of the longest-running (yet efficient) companies in Nigeria.


With a track record spanning close to a half-century, we have secured assets from top financial institutions all the way to small businesses, saving clients trillions of naira in losses over this time period.

Hogan Guards will always provide industry-leading services. But as the needs of our customers are ever-changing, we have evolved into delivering traditional security via modern and convenient technology.

  • Specialized on-site guarding
  • Mobile guarding
  • 24-hour vehicular Patrol
  • Security Screening
  • Armed Escort Services
  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Remote Guarding (Central Monitoring System)
  • Technology Solutions
  • Corporate Risk Management

Our vehicle patrol service is a seven-day-a-week program that fits our clients’ specific needs and is tailored differently to each property that we serve. During our random inspections, our uniformed officers will conduct foot patrols, door & window checks, lock or unlock any designated areas, check for maintenance or safety hazards, respond to calls of service and alarm activations, investigate suspicious or criminal activity, and enforce your property’s rules/regulations.

Hogan Guards can monitor your ATM, Kiosk, facility, home or organization with state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a consultative industry knowledgeable service organization, we are committed to developing and providing an ever-expanding range of solutions to help our clients.

Vision Statement

Our vision is safe organizations and communities for the betterment of society.

Mission Statement

To provide all-encompassing security and risk management solutions with the aid of modern technology, as well as highly skilled and equipped staff, whilst remaining the benchmark for quality in the private security industry and leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

Security needs? We have you covered…

For more details, you may wish to view our Corporate Quality Policy or view our Corporate Objectives.

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