Hogan Guards Limited has garnered experience spanning over four decades since its inception in 1981 by dealing with only reputable and well-organized companies and providing security surveillance for major oil companies, diplomatic missions, banks, and various industrial and residential concerns.

It must be reiterated that the company’s enviable success with the provision of efficient services to its clientele has been dictated by the peculiarities of each client and accommodation of these peculiarities.

One must also emphasize that the company’s security personnel are adequately trained for the dispensation of their duties. It must be noted that the re-training of our personnel is usually done in collaboration with the client. This provides security guards with good orientation of the client’s premises and the particular environmental risk faced by the client.

Security personnel are recruited in conformity with the policy of maintaining high standard of professionalism. Guarantors of high repute in the society are a must before employment forms are filled by would-be guards. All claims are verified and must meet the strict conditions of the company. A complete dossier giving detailed information on a security guard at any time must also be provided. This dossier is updated annually.


Dr. Kola Ibirogba

Chairman, Hogan Guards