“Be careful whom you let into your home” is a very popular saying, but how many people are careful about whom they let into their homes? Is it the carpenter you hardly know that you allowed into your home because of urgent carpentry work, or is it the plumber you allowed late at night to come into your house because the taps suddenly would not stop running?

For parents with children, it is very important that strangers are not allowed into the homes or strangers are not allowed to know where the house spare keys are kept or the children’s routine, especially when the parents are always working.

It is best to also be careful with the domestic staff newly employed that are allowed into the house either to work full-time in the house or the staff who come to the house and leave at the end of the day. The nature of the work of domestic workers gives the staff access to the home and to family members, especially vulnerable ones like children.

It is best to be careful whom you let into your home, either strangers or just people you barely know that have a reason or the other to be in our homes.  It is best to meet people you barely know in public areas; if you are to allow people into your homes, it is best to have family or close friends around so you will not be the only one at home with a stranger.

When you have home emergencies, it is best to have a list of reputable companies that offer the services you need so they are always on standby; it is also best to use the services of these companies in the daytime.

For domestic staff it is not enough to get employees from credible recruitment emergencies; it is also best to also know where the domestic staff’s family resides, their village, and other important personal information about the staff.

When you are careful who you let into your home, you not only protect yourself but your family and other people residing with you that depend on you.