24-Hour Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol supervisors conduct inspections of our security guards at random intervals in order to ensure our officers are performing up to and above industry standards, that they have all the tools they need to perform effectively and to address any issues that may exist.

Patrol supervisors operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure maximum supervision and prompt response in the event of an emergency at a client location.

With over 100 vehicles nationwide, our response team is never too far away from clients in the event of emergencies.

Our vehicles are tracked via GPS tracking systems, allowing our Lagos/Isheri central command center to monitor the locations of our patrol fleet and identify the nearest emergency responder in the event of an emergency for rapid dispatch.

Random mobile patrol inspections may include foot patrol, investigating properties for safety hazards, cross-checking a property for criminal activity, as well as ensuring that property rules and regulations are being followed. 

While mobile patrol supervision is included as a part of our security guard service, clients who do not require a full-time security guard can simply make use of our mobile patrol to perform regular visits to a particular location to ensure the residents or workers, as well as the premises, are secured. This method is preferred as a cost-saving alternative for people with elderly relatives who like routine welfare checks or travelers who want to ensure their residence is routinely visited while on vacation.