Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems and/or control rooms are installed for various facilities, including businesses and residences, by Hogan Guards’ sister company Hogan Technologies. The cameras can then be monitored by Hogan Guards’ specially trained team of emergency dispatchers with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) created to swiftly detect problems, out-of-place objects, weapons, suspicious individuals, or possible explosives. The monitoring takes place from our Lagos central command center.

Video Verification utilizes video transmission to notify appropriate personnel and/or dispatch police. If an alarm occurs at the site, Hogan Guards will assess the situation, and follow appropriate procedures set in place and agreed to by the Visual Communications Center and the customer.

Benefits of Visual Verification

Eliminate false alarms and false alarm fines. Hogan Guards’ approach eliminates false alarms. Instead of waking businesses owners in the middle of the night to check on alarms or dispatching the police to a false alarm, Hogan Guards’ specialists receive the alarm and the video, assess the situation, and determine whether the situation warrants a call to the business owner or local law enforcement- calls from Hogan Guards are automatically considered high priority.

In situations where a problem isn’t present, the monitoring center will document the alarm and notify the business owner the following day.