Celebrating 40 Years
Celebrating 40 Years
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Celebrating 40 Years

Shield Defense Operatives

Not your average security guards, Hogan Guards Shield Defense Operatives are vetted, their applications are scrutinized and only the most qualified prospects are selected and highly trained in courses led by current or ex military officials with advance training on threat detection and prevention, access control, monitoring and more.

Our officers are trained to conduct routine but random patrols of premises. Hogan Shield Defense Operatives conduct random patrol in order to prevent an intruder from determining a pattern that could give them a potential window as to when to attack. In addition to inspecting for breach of premises, our Shield Defense Operative patrol to detect and prevent against disasters like floods, fires and potential safety hazards.

All incidents are recorded and reported to our 24-hour central command center and/or local law enforcement officers for immediate action if necessary. In addition, the motor vehicle patrol officers, who routinely check on our operatives to ensure maximum service, are also alerted, and clients will be given an incident report if such an event should occur.

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