With over 1,100 registered security companies in Nigeria, choosing the right one to secure your home or business can be a daunting task. However, it is essential to be diligent when making this decision.

Some businesses advertise themselves as security outfits, but in reality, lack the resources to keep you protected, especially when it matters most.

With the importance of quality security in Nigeria, choosing a reputable security company can literally be the difference between life and death, in the most extreme cases.

Here are six reasons why Hogan Guards is your best choice for security in Nigeria.

1. Hogan Security Operatives Undergo Rigorous Training

Hogan Guards Training For Deployment

Hogan security guards are subjected to intensive 2-week training with courses that include crime prevention and detection, access control, accident prevention, first aid, paramilitary training, and fitness drills, developed and led by industry experts and high-ranking, retired, and current police officers or military members.

Hogan security guards must also pass a written component before they are posted on their first assignment, and following commencement, our operatives must undergo quarterly re-training to ensure they are up to date on the latest threats and advances in the industry.

2. Hogan Guards Must Pass Background Checks

Hogan Security Guard Commended By Top Civil Defence Corps Official For Finding and Returning 3.6 Million Naira ($10,000)

Hogan Guards are put through a screening process by full-time verification officers who verify backgrounds, including education certificates and literacy. This process weeds out about 40% of applicants and ensures the company only gives clients the best security guards.

3. Need A New Guard? No worries.

Hogan Guards boasts a number of security guards who have worked with the company for over 30 years; however, the unfortunate reality is that the security industry as a whole has an extremely high turnover rate. In the event that any of your security operatives resign, we would handle the replacement of that guard.

Companies that don’t consistently run courses weekly, as we do, often lack an available pool of guards and therefore your security service could be interrupted, putting your safety at risk.

4. 24-Hour Patrol

Hogan Guards Patrol Vehicles

Mobile patrol supervision is essential in the security industry because patrol supervisors ensure quality control of security guards by visiting client locations at regular but random intervals to ensure employees are performing above industry standards.

Many fly-by-night operations lack the resources to deploy vehicles 24 hours per day, which leads to a lack of supervision of security operatives, thereby jeopardizing your safety.

Hogan Guards Central Command Center- Lagos

5. Emergency Response

Hogan Guards has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles nationwide, monitored from its 24-hour central command center in the Lagos head office, which allows the company to ensure that it always has vehicles moving, and monitoring its security personnel.

Tracking one of our patrol vehicles from our central command center

One of the reasons for Hogan’s non-stop patrol is to ensure there are vehicles all around the country in case of an emergency or unforeseen incident at any client location.

In the event of an emergency, calls are sent out to the company’s command center where the nearest response vehicle will be located using our GPS tracking software, and a call will be sent out for immediate dispatch.

Hogan Guards has the ability to deploy its own armed police units. With a fleet of trucks, compact cars, and motorcycles, the company uses the vehicles best suited to maneuver through traffic and reach clients quickly.

Hogan Security Patrol Supervisors on motorcycles

For esteemed clients, Hogan Guards also offers towing services using our company tow truck, as well as rescue pick-up services in case of an emergency like a car breakdown. 

6. Hogan Stands Behind Its Service

Hiring someone from the street to be a “gateman” and provide third-rate security service is extremely risky. The security services provided are often subpar, and you take on the increased liability. However, when you choose Hogan Guards, the company stands behind its service.

Hogan is trusted by embassies, banks, schools, churches, radio and tv stations, government offices, and private residences to protect their properties, for good reason.

Hogan Guards has been in business for over 4 decades, and has a workforce of over 8,000 employees, making it one of the largest, longest-running, and most respected security companies in West Africa.