Of the various responsibilities of mobile security guards, patrolling comprises an essential part of it. In executing this seemingly basic task, guards must carefully look for several things to protect a place and make immediate decisions and considerations.

Below are some of the things guards on duty must note when patrolling.

  1. Examining the Entrance and Exit

Irrespective of the type of building or premises where mobile guards are deployed, examining both entry and exit points is compulsory when patrolling.

These points mostly serve as the route used by intruders and invaders in gaining access and must be set up in a way to minimize the chances of usage, even with the installation of CCTV, intrusion detection alarm etc.

  • Find out of the ordinary or usual activities

While patrolling, security guards will look out for unusual activities within, and around the premises being secured, such as theft of an item, unnatural behaviour of a guest, a scuffle3, or similar activities, and if faced with the same, they will commence an action to mitigate it and prevent escalation.

Security guards generally work in teams so that they can monitor the activities in your building. And teamwork usually makes monitoring even more effective.

  • Conducting behavioural checks on people within the premises

While security guards are not psychologists or behavioural experts, they must however be able to detect when a person is acting out of the ordinary or exhibiting traits which are a security risk to the safety of persons and property.

This is a very important activity since threats can be quickly mitigated if the intention of causing harm or the possibility of causing harm is detected beforehand.

  • Tracking Movements within and about the area of coverage

While patrolling, security guards will also track the movement of people in certain areas throughout the property, particularly when it is a nonresidential building, where such person seems suspicious and up to no good.

  • Ensuring the Overall Safety of People

At the core of it, the job of any security personnel is to protect the life of persons and ensure the safety of property and this all-security guards must have in mind when patrolling.

Thus, security guards must be vigilant during their routine inspection, and if they find anything unusual or if they meet with an impending threat or even experience any incident, they will quickly inform you and guide you and the guests to safety.

  • Managing Emergencies

Guards are experts at detecting and managing emergencies. Thus, apart from looking for threats and suspicious movements during their patrol, they must also investigate situations that require immediate attention, and call the attention of experts (e.g., fire service, pest control, etc.) to reduce the possibility of wreaking havoc. They will also advice on safety measures to prevent occurrence of such incidents and how to stay safe.

These are a few of the basic things that mobile security guards look for while they are patrolling places. However, it is necessary to deploy trained and experienced personnel if you want to protect your place or an event that you are hosting.