While the right to voice displeasure/ dissatisfaction is a right usually protected by the Constitution of various states, treaties, and ordinances, it is pertinent to note that the most peaceful or organized protest can lead to a riot or civil unrest without forewarning.

It is, therefore, imperative to stay safe in such situations. Below are tips to prepare and stay safe during such times:

  • If traveling to or in unknown terrain, read the travel advisory of your place of residence and travel destination, to be aware of the security situation.
  • If you find yourself caught in the middle of a protest or riot, stay at the edge of the crowd or the safest spot there.
  • Once the opportunity to break away from the crowd arises, leave immediately and without drawing attention to yourself.
  • Do not drive a car through a protesting crowd or riot. Where you find yourself driving towards such situations, move towards a different route, to avoid getting caught in the middle of a crossfire.
  • Develop an everyday carry on/ personal emergency kit habit. This should contain some extra cash, allergy pills, and other things required for survival when caught in the middle of a situation.
  • Stay up to date with the news and potential uproar.
  • For business owners, there should be an emergency evacuation plan and all employees must be regularly trained on utilizing it.
  • Avoid getting in riots.
  • Observe locally enforced curfews and regulations at all times.
  • Avoid dark or lonely areas and be observant in public transport.
  • Maintain a low profile. This includes the use of jewelry, handling of physical cash in public, etc.
  • Where there is news of possible unrest, stockpile water, canned food and other long-lasting, Shelf life food, etc.
  • Have emergency personal kits, including extra cash.
  • If you become injured, immediately seek medical attention from the closest medical Centre or hospital.
  • Raise alarm when you become aware of a riot or civil unrest.
  • Stay aware and alert at all times.