Many situations would have been avoided if the victim had foreseen and forestalled the incident. This is where recognizing situations that are a security threat is essential. The most well-known security threat is that of cyber security and Personal Computer, which is because this is what is most common and is the major focus of most organizations and because most companies are more focused on technology-oriented countermeasures to prevent hacking. We tend to forget the most basic form of security which is physical security. It is important to recognize physical security threats so that people will be informed on ways a means of guarding against them.


Here are TWO (2) essential lists of physical security threat and how to handle it.


This is a commonly known threat in society. It is something you hear happening around you or has happened to you. Some of the best ways to guard against this are; employ the use of detective and defensive electronics like CCTV, Biometric doors, electrical fences, and much more. Another way is by employing Manned security, which you can get from a reputable security company. Even though incidents such as this are unplanned and unorganized, it also poses little to no risk of injury or harm. However, with appropriate measures in place, one can guard against it.


This has been on an all-time high and it is something that is termed “Acts of Terror and High Priority”. This is a major concern in our society and it is essential one knows how to guards against it. Ensure to stay clear of the volatile route, reduce late nights, and importantly do not take routes that are deserted, as this is often used to carry out kidnapping crimes.

In as much as there are counter-measures in place for these threats, they can still occur out of the norm and the identified ways. “You are Your Security”.