Talking about the night clubs industry, hiring the best staff can be even more challenging. Employee turnover rates are high. The party and fun atmosphere, coupled with ample amount of alcohol, can lead to dangerous situations. Despite this, club lovers desire to feel safe and secure in your establishment, irrespective of the potential risk attached to the general atmosphere.

As a nightclub manager or owner, filling the role of a security guard (commonly referred to as ‘bouncers”) is one of the most tasking things to do, as the establishment need specifically trained guards for that purpose, to handle crowd, intoxicated individuals, fights and violent outbursts, among other potential occurrences.

The employment of untrained security guards, who lack the knowledge and skill to tackle head-on the threats and various issues which may arise puts the lives of everyone present at stake. Also, negative information about the safety at a nightclub can quickly put it out of business, in addition to fines and other legal repercussions.

Having an establishment where patrons can let loose while still having the assurance of their safety and peace of mind can keep customers coming back again and again, including recommending to others.

The role of the security guard is to provide a sense of safety and security, not only for the patrons but for the business owners and staff as well. Below are some of the duties includes:

  1. Premises Access Control:

While nightclub owners have a plethora of concerns plaguing their mind and business, one primary one is managing access of patrons to the venue. Varying from county to country, there are specific rules and regulations with respect to the number of patrons inside at every times. Security guards help ensure the establishment does not exceed the allotted capacity, to avoid costly fans and possible closure of the establishment.

Another aspect of managing access control of the premises is that security guards check the identification of patrons to ensure underage members of the society do not have access to the night club, as there are strict legal drinking age around the world.

In addition, Security guards generally ensure the environment is safer for patrons to exit the nightclub when closes, as there can be burglars, thieves waiting for their intoxicated and vulnerable victim in the dark streets. Security guards can also help you out in case you are not in the condition to walk alone to your house, e.g. help get a taxi to drop you at home.

  • Enforcing the Rules of the Establishment

Every business and establishment have rules of engagement applicable to clients and even employees. With respect to nightclubs, the rules are very important to ensure the safety of everyone within the establishment.

Security guards are employed to help enforce these rules of engagement which may include checking means of identification of patrons, turning back already drunk new patrons, removing unruly and violent guests, amongst others rules, to ensure the business remains a going concern, is not open to regulatory disciplinary actions, law suits, etc.

  • Handling Dangerous Situations

Loud music coupled with a copious quantity of alcohol and a sense of freedom can be ingredients for disaster, if left unchecked, and this can result in dangerous and unsafe situations for both patrons and staff. It is not uncommon for violence, assaults, theft, fires and other unfortunate events to erupt at a nightclub. What is important is deescalating the situation and ensuring the safety all persons involved.

Professionally trained security guards will have the training and skill to handle unruly or highly intoxicated patrons in a peaceful, harmless and yet polite and efficient manner. Also, they can safely assist in ensuring the evacuation of guests in the event of fire, shooting and other emergency which may arise. While working to separate fights and other potentially violent interactions, guards can also act as liaisons with law enforcement personnel to communicate during and after a violent or dangerous event. 

  • Security Guards Protect People and Businesses

Security guards at establishment like night clubs play a very vital role in protecting the business owners and patrons by enforcing safety rules, deterring the commission of crimes, deescalating tense environments or confrontations. They respond professionally and efficiently respond to dangerous situations and providing assistance to the victims of violence.

  • Provides VIP/Executive Security

If your nightclub is one that caters to celebrities, showbiz stars, public figures and other eminent/ popular persons, the extra VIP security provided by your establishment can serve as a source of comfort and reassurance to your high profile clientele. This can also serve as a form of advertisement, as contentment with the service provided can encourage these individuals to constantly patronise, as the sense that their security is important to you is encouraging.

  • Provides a Secured Environment Inside the Club

The club is a public place and many unknown persons have unlimited access. However, the behaviour of these persons cannot be predicted. The security guards are therefore present to help prevent assault, theft and other predatory or harmful behaviour by patrons in the nightclub. They also led excessively drunk individuals who are causing chaos out of the premises.