Whether it is about ensuring security and safety of a building, monitoring event, patrolling and to ensure general security, hiring a trained and professional security guard is the first step.

While it is the duty of security guards to ensure security of the location they are assigned to, we have seen cases of several lacking in this area and being generally unable to carry out their job responsibility adequately. Thus, this article is to intimate readers with the necessary skills or attributes an individual must possess before being hired as a security personnel.

  1. Physical fitness: security operatives are expected to be physically fit and agile to effectively carry out their duties, as they are physical engaging. Also, since security guards are usually the first point of contact when entering a building, and serve as the first deterrent to crime, it is necessary they are in a state wherein they can physically carryout their duty.
  2. Highly alert and attentiveness: security involves awareness of ones surrounding and thus, a good security operative must always be alert and attentive, to detect anomalies and prevent incidents or perhaps, notice them before escalation.
  3. Observation skill: this is linked to alertness and attentiveness, as a security guard must be able to keenly observe situations and know if it is a security emergency, a ploy be criminals to cause distraction, alongside observe the surrounding and individuals entering and exit to spot intruders.
  4. Communication skills: security guards are usually the first point of contact before entering a building and enquires are made of them by the public. Thus, a security guard must be able to communicate with the general public in clear terms and answer questions in a language they understand. This also extends to giving instructions in the case of an emergency, etc.

A security operative must also be able to write intelligibly, as this is necessary for report making, etc.

  • Quick Decision Makers: one of the crucial skills a security guard must have is been a quick thinker and able to make decisions that matter within the shortest period of time, this need arises to help prevent escalation of situations, emergency, etc.
  • Teamwork: a security guard does not operate in isolation and thus must be able to effectively work with a team without chaos.

Every organisation requires reliable security guards at all times, who can be entrusted with safety and there is assurance of quality service delivery. At Hoganguards Limited, the above qualities and more are present in all our operatives, as we continually strive towards top-notch service delivery. For further enquires on our services, kindly contact us via: marketing@hoganguards.com