We know it can be quite overwhelming to be cautious and have to add some extra security methods that you should implement to take all your worries away when we keep saying everything is digitalized in the world.

Users Dilemma:

But do you agree it’s paramount to be in a state to notice discrepancies in the situation of things in the environment? This means noticing people who are behaving strangely or anything out of the ordinary in your environment. Being security conscious can be the difference between being in safety and being in danger i.e., it is your responsibility to build a security-conscious culture.

 Let’s Do a Quick survey with the questions below

1. Do you keep your records Secure?

Inability to effectively store records can lead to all kinds of trouble. As a business owner, you are legally obliged by the Data Protection Act to safely secure any data. Imagine a company that stores the records of transactions, revenues and expenditures, names and addresses of employees, and other sensitive information but does not secure it? You risk sensitive information falling into the wrong hands if you do not keep it securely. Stolen data can lead to fraud and theft and you may end up liable. However, you can deter criminal activity by implementing security measures such as locks, CCTV, and security guards. We can assess your security needs and advise you on the necessary precautions to keep your business safe.

2. Is it necessary I Triple Check my Security Measures

Triple check every security measure that you have in place every time you open and every time you close your business. You should also check throughout the day. Never leave your premises without doing these checks. The consequences could be catastrophic. You dramatically increase the chance of being burgled if you accidentally leave a door unlocked or a window open. As a result of this, you may also struggle with insurance if a burglary occurs as you haven’t taken the necessary precautions.

You must:

  • Lock all locks
  • Have your keys on you at all times
  • Make sure CCTV is on and functioning correctly
  • Store CCTV recordings under lock and key
  • Close all windows and check the building is secure leaving no weak points
  • Password protect computers and records and never leave them unlocked
  • Set alarms every time you close the premises and regularly check they work.

 What now?

3. Employ Security Guards

When smart criminals are about to commit a crime, they often study their target, especially if it is a human being. They observe the routine of the employees and try to see if there is any lapse in security. Therefore, if employees are alone or there are insufficient security measures in place, you may be an easy target. To avoid this, employ security guards to monitor the entrance to protect your premises. Avoiding set routines can also apply to the security guards that monitor your premises. Therefore, security guards can change up their routines such as break times and changeovers to confuse and discourage such people. Being security conscious is a security guard’s key attribute because they have been highly trained to spot risks and dangerous people quickly. This means a dedicated security company provides the best protection through security-conscious professionals.

In addition, employing security guards also take extra stress away from you as you now have trained professionals to keep your family and business safe. Moreover, security guards also monitor CCTV to spot any potential incidents before they develop.

In conclusion, there are many steps you can take to be Security Conscious so make sure you implement the advice above. If you are unsure about what you need to do or would like extra help, we are in the business of providing multi-disciplinary world-class risk management services, then do not hesitate to contact us. We ensure protection and loss prevention with the latest technology, assess all cases individually, and provide clients with tailored plans according to their budget and requirements.