Whether it is shopping for the holidays, birthday, etc., shopping malls/centres happen to be one of the most visited places and therefore, adequate security is a necessity.

Tons of people flood shopping malls, making it difficult to secure, with numerous entry and exit points, a plethora of activities, retailers and a large crowd, ensuring security is usually a little harder to ensure.

For these reasons, many criminals and persons carrying out illegal activities see shopping malls as an easy target for their activities. It is thus time for facility managers to step up and take charge of the security situation within the premises they manage, by adopting an efficient system.

Some of the common issues that threaten shopping malls are:

  • Loitering
  • Trespassing
  • Shoplifting & theft
  • Fraud
  • Property damage
  • Homelessness
  • Vandalism
  • Terrorism attempts
  • Illegal dumping
  • Kidnapping
  • Physical and sexual assault

To tackle these issues, below are some of the things to consider:

  1. Hiring a strong and skilled Security Guards

The first step to protection with respect to shopping malls is hiring professional security guards from a trusted private guards company like Hoganguards Limited. In hiring, it is important to hire skilled and an adequate number of operatives to cover the entire premises of the shopping mall, including patrolling.

Asides from access to goods by the public, the ability to feel safe is one of the factors that encourage continued patronage. Thus putting in place adequate security guards which can provide a safe environment is key.

  • The use of Modern technology:

The importance of modern technology in the security industry cannot be overemphasised. It is therefore important for facility managers to leverage on the various tools available, e.g. CCTV panic alarm, sensor doors, electronic communication tools, etc.

These tools shall help in tightening security and cover the space left be physical security guards.

  • Beware of high traffic caused by Weekends and holidays

Many individuals carryout their shopping during weekends. Also, holidays see an influx in the amount of shoppers, as many exchange gifts, cook special meals, etc. all requiring extra shopping. It is therefore important for retailers to consider this days and make adequate preparation.

The preparation can include: increased number of staff, less entry and exit points, and other tighter security measures which can be implemented.

Security guards need to adapt to the various situations which may arise and take decisions, including emergencies.

  • Security Training and Awareness Among Shopping Centre Employees

Typically, shopping centres having various types of personnel working within the premises, including cleaning, customer care, accounting, retail employers, etc. it is important that these various individuals are trained on security and environmental awareness., as this can go a long way in preventing unwanted incidents from happening.

It is also important that they are trained on how to make decisions in an emergency, including evacuation procedures to help in securing life and property.

  • Secure parking lots

Parking lots generally seem to accommodate a large amount of crime commission and those hosting customers of shopping malls are not left behind. It is therefore important that parking lots are well lit and an adequate amount of security operatives to wade off potential criminals.