Hogan Guards, one of West Africa’s leading security companies, has added another honor to its extensive list of awards. A Hogan security guard, Ferdinand Sunday, was awarded Best Security of the Year for 2019 by real estate development company Adron Homes and Properties.

Sunday, who has worked for Hogan Guards since 2014, accepted his award at the Adron Award Night, which took place at Pentorise Hall in Ibadan on December 29, 2019. 

The most notable reason for the security veteran winning the award was for his honesty and integrity as he is responsible for monitoring Adron Homes’ supply of goods, which are often given to clients as gifts. The entire stock can always be accounted for under Sunday’s watch. 

Adron Homes was so impressed with his record-keeping and accountability that they placed him in charge of taking stock of company goods throughout all their locations in the local Ibadan area.

                          Ferdinand Sunday


“Ferdinand has set a standard that all security guards should aspire to. Staff, clients, and guests at the locations he has worked all have great things to say about him,” said Hogan Guards CEO Paul Ibirogba. 

“As the first point of contact with customers entering various establishments, our operatives are trained to go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of guests and more importantly, their safety, which he epitomizes,” Ibirogba added. 

The CEO stated that he met Mr. Sunday while on a business trip to Ibadan, where he congratulated him on his award and commended him for his hard work. 

Since security guards are often in a position of interfacing with the public, Hogan Guards ensures that they receive key lectures on observing due protocol, surveilling and/or scrutinizing their beats and their environs, which includes securing properties and their inventory. 

Another aspect which the company emphasizes is that honesty and uprightness must be maintained at all times