In Nigeria, violence and criminal activities are assuming dangerous tendencies as they threaten lives, properties, the national sense of well-being, peace, security, and social order and are consequently reducing the citizens’ quality of life. Segregation that is often found in the residential neighborhoods resulting from difference in income, employment and education standards often leads to criminal tendencies, majorly of which are petty theft, rape, murder and, burglary. The alarming increase in the rate of crime in Nigeria, therefore, has not only brought about disorder but threat to lives and properties, housing inclusive.

Thus, housing insecurity in Nigeria calls for concern as crime, the main cause, is on the rise thereby threatening lives and property and also, reducing the quality of life. Crime is not only a social problem but also, the most serious of all social problems. Crimes also, are compound, organized and could be summarized in three main categories;

  • Economic factors/ poverty,
  • Social environment and family structure

Therefore, people have devised means of protecting themselves. It is on this premise that home security measures were born. Effective home security measures commonly used are as follows:

  1. Close circuit television (CCTV)
  2. Fence Technology/Security Fence/Barb wire
  3. Security dogs
  4. Security guards
  5. Burglary proof
  6. Licensed Weapons
  7. Alarm system

The crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate, thereby, causing the community to rise and safeguard against it. This is necessary because a safe and secure community policy has a positive impact on reducing crime in the neighborhood. It also helps in reducing fear of crime and enhancing the quality of life. Since the incidence of crime is of serious concern in the country, each of these security measures is a significant instrument in fortifying buildings and homes.


There is a high increase in crime in Nigeria daily and people are living in fear. This is a serious problem which needs to be tackled and everybody should be involved. There is need for homeowners to be security conscious and put in place these security measures. Hogan Guards can provide physical and technological security needs to help keep you safe.