The importance of having a good and well-structured security system to handle potential threats and emergencies cannot be overemphasized.

The job of a security officer is a challenging one and finding a fit person (in addition to the use of armed forces and technology) is of great importance.  Apart from vast experience and knowledge, other skills and qualities a good security officer needs include:

  1. Good observation skills
  2. Honesty and integrity
  3. Ability to lead, give instructions and follow orders
  4. Communication skills (written and oral)
  5. Conciliatory and de-escalation skills
  6. Hardworking and focused
  7. Physical fitness and agility
  8. Ability to think and act fast in emergencies, good reflexes.
  9. Ability to adapt to changes in the environment (both physical and social environment)
  10. Ability to multitask
  11. Alertness, vigilance and environmental awareness
  12. Ability to blend in with the society
  13. Value and respect for life, empathy
  14. Good memory
  15. Investigative skill.

The skills required of a good security officer cannot be overemphasized, as the position is dynamic, ever-changing and peculiar in nature. This is owing to the evolving means of breaching security systems by criminals.

Thus, continuous training, re-training, rebranding and knowledge acquisition must be undertaken by security guards and security providers, to ensure the realities of insecurity are met with hands-on, and nothing is left out.

At HOGANGUARDS LIMITED, we ensure that all security personnel deployed tick all of the qualities above listed and even more. We ensure our operatives are physically, mentally, emotionally, and academically able to provide the services required by clients. We also ensure security officers undergo comprehensive training sessions before deployment to a client and during the deployment. This is achieved by conducting scheduled training for the guards. Also, on the job training (i.e. one-on-one training by the patrol supervisors or training department at the duty post).