With the rapid growth of I.T infrastructure, the word is that technology is going to put security guards out of work en masse, as technology will be taking over the security functions. However, if you visit any residential estate, company or establishment, the most common security feature you will find aside the electric fence and gate, is the much maligned, underrated and disrespected yet essential guard.

As much as business and home owners think about the lesser cost involved when replacing human resources with technology, security will always be an interpersonal business and its role cannot be overemphasized. This does not necessarily mean that the guarding industry is not under siege or that changes are not needed. Technology should be an aid and not competition to the security guard.

Technology is essential in enhancing security. Without monitoring systems like cameras, detectors and alarms, businesses would be unable to easily identify threats and respond appropriately. Residences and organizations face a number of threats on a daily basis; because of this, it is essential to have a complete view of areas at all times. There is a need for a system that will be able to detect unusual activities as well as notify the operator.

Security guards can be termed the human resources, while technology the technical resources. The most effective guarding method today is the use of both human and technical resources. There is a need for both, as it will help in reducing overall manpower, reduce cost and most importantly enhance security. Also, blending technology and traditional guarding is one of the most recommended security solutions for communities and residential estates.

The guarding operations and systems are changing, as are the functions of security guards. It is imperative that security companies train guards on how to incorporate technological systems in the dispensation of their duties and how to set a balance between the two, so that one will not offset the other. The integration of these unified systems improve the capabilities of the security personnel and help shift focus on a more proactive approach. 

Technology is pivotal to security in our world today. A good security company will make use of any resources available in order to provide more efficient services, as well as safeguard its clients. As such, Hogan Guards provides traditional physical security while enhancing safety with technological security systems provided by its sister company Hogan Technologies