The need for a faster banking system to meet up with current commercial transactions and the global market phenomenon has led to the increased demand and use of ATM cards by bank customers. This has, however, come with its own security threats, as robbers, scammers and other criminals have found ways to get access to people’s money through the ATM card.

This, therefore, calls for deliberate security consciousness and measures to prevent criminals from having access to bank accounts and even robberies at ATM spots.

Some tips to consider in ensuring security of ATM cards and spots include:

  1. Do not disclose your PIN or password and other numbers on the ATM card.
  2. Keep ATM card away from public view. Ensure the card is safely stored and not easily accessible to people. This also helps in preventing damage to the card.
  3. Be watchful and conscious of your surroundings when using the ATM. This includes other persons queued to use the ATM.
  4. Where you suspect foul play or unusual movement/ activities, exit the ATM spot immediately and cancel ongoing transaction if possible.
  5. Avoid using ATMs in the dark or at night. Where an ATM spot is not sufficiently lit, do not use it. Criminals hide in the shadows to perpetuate evil.
  6. Before approaching the ATM, have your ATM card handy and if you drive, also have your car keys handy. This will enable you have quick access to your vehicle in an emergency.
  7. Protect your PIN or password from other ATM users and bystanders by covering the keypad with your other hand while typing the PIN.
  8. Never accept offers or assistance with the ATM from strangers.
  9. For complaints and difficulty in accessible funds or carrying out transaction on the ATM, contact your bank.
  10. Do not leave transaction receipts behind at the ATM.
  11. Once your transaction is over, leave with your card, cash and receipt immediately. Do not stay to count the money withdrawn or carryout other activity.
  12. If you sense you are being followed, visit the nearest business establishment, crowded area or police station.
  13. If you lose your ATM card, contact your bank to immediately block all ATM and online banking transactions.
  14. Never give out details about your ATM card or PIN over the phone. If you receive a call supposedly from your bank requesting for your ATM card details and other personal information, do not give out such information. Rather, visit your bank to verify such request. If found to be fake, report to the bank and law enforcement.
  15. Visually inspect the ATM for skimming devices. These devices are usually attached to the ATM to read the numbers on the card and a camera is installed to show password entered.
  16. When using the ATM at night, go with company if possible.