The Christmas and New Year festivity period is upon us and with it comes the glitz, glamour, gifts, visitors, outings, store/ market visit, concerts, parties amongst others.

While all of these are ongoing, criminals usually swing into action by taking advantage of the buzz of activity and inattentiveness to details of people, desperation and urgency of need to commit various crimes. It is thus imperative to eradicate all vulnerability at this period to reduce the risk of falling victim to criminal schemes and activities which include both financial crimes like promo and prize fraud, as well as violent crime such as assault.

Below are some important tips to stay safe during this festivity period:

  1. Confirm your itinerary and the security state of your destination (including stop overs and places along your route) when traveling.
  2. Travel while it is broad day light. Get insight of landmarks, stops, parks, bus stops, etc.
  3. Avoid the use of obvious and expensive looking jewelry or accessories while traveling or going out. Appear as simple as possible.
  4. Try to blend in with the environment during this period. Standing out should not be a priority.
  5. Reduce alcohol and other drugs. Stay as conscious and aware as possible.
  6. Inform family, housemates or friends about your whereabouts at all times.
  7. Report all suspicious movements and activities to law enforcement.
  8. Ensure all doors, windows, and gates are locked at all time.
  9. Hold bags, purses, phones closely while outside.
  10. Avoid quiet, dark and concealed/lonely places e.g. alleys, short cuts etc.
  11. Don’t leave valuables outside or unattended to.
  12. If possible, leave children at home during shopping, concerts etc. with a trusted family member or minder.
  13. If travelling, inform a trusted neighbor and provide emergency contact details.
  14. Stay alert at all times. Avoid distracting phone calls or using earphones while walking.
  15. Do not display gifts and toys.
  16. Avoid carrying huge sums of cash around.
  17. Be careful with the use of outdoor decorations.
  18. Ensure doors and gates are tightly locked at all times.