Banking halls are one of the most crime-prone places in Nigeria, and it is imperative that steps are taken to reduce your risk of falling victim to criminals. Con artists and thieves have been found operating sophisticated schemes from within various financial establishments in recent years. 

Below are some tips to consider in the banking hall by both the customers and bank employees.


  1. Avoiding having children and teenagers carry out transactions on your behalf.
  2. Do not engage any non-bank employee to assist in carrying out transactions.
  3. Do not give money to anyone other than the bank teller officer to pay in or carry out transfers.
  4. Do not give out your PIN, Password, and other login details to anyone.
  5. Do not have loud conversations about money, particularly when it relates to your own account.
  6. Avoid withdrawing large sums of money, to reduce the tendency of being a theft/ robbery target.
  7. Stay alert at all times. Keep all personal possession close and always attended to.


  1. Employees must stay alert at all times.
  2. Employees must be aware of all safety and evacuation procedures of the bank.
  3. Employees must ensure hardware tokens, etc. are not left hanging carelessly, to avoid it getting picked up by unauthorized individuals (including customers). 
  4. When a person is noticed to loiter unnecessarily or stay within the premises for a ridiculously long period, such person must be queried.

The tips above are not exhaustive and simply serve as a guide to preventing becoming a victim of crimes within the banking hall.