Remote working can be perceived to be a working style that allows professionals to work outside a traditional office working environment. It is a system whereby employees can work to execute a project and surpass their goals wherever they please instead of commuting to the office every day. There are different ways in which a person can work remotely. A remote worker does not necessarily depend on co-working spaces to get the job done, they work in a way that makes sense to their lives.

A lot of organizations and businesses seem to be either supporting remote teams or dead set against it. One thing to note is that remote working is not for everyone. There are numerous disadvantages to working from home but there are also many notable advantages.

In the age of the pandemic, working remotely is the new trend. Aside from the change of working environment, there are other less than obvious consequences to remote working. There are also various advantages to remote working for both the employee and employer and the business in general. These are some pros:

  • Reduced business expenses
  • Reduced or no commuting
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee retention
  • More autonomous employees
  • Better use of technology

While considering the pros of remote working, here are some cons. 

  • The major con to remote working is difficulty in connecting and managing people. 
  • There can also be difficulty in building team spirit
  • Lack of physical communication
  • Issues of low reliability can occur
  • Difficulty in managing people and maintaining accountability
  • Issues with payout and logistics
  • In some cases, loss of productivity might occur

However, as a security firm, our major concern is security. The fear of IP theft or loss of gadgets like phones or laptops can be catastrophic. The fact is storing data and transferring money online exposes you to potential vulnerabilities. Here is what to do to assure security in this case:

  • Use a credible password manager
  • Invest in VPNs
  • Always keep your anti-virus updated and only install ONE
  • Always lock your phones, tablet, and laptop
  • Invest in digital insurance

As technology advances, remote working is becoming common among organizations and industries. Remote working and jobs can be found in almost any industry. It creates awareness of new career choices like freelancing and entrepreneurship. The most important thing about remote working is that you get to work on your terms.