Road transportation is one of the most popular and commonly used means of transportation around the world and motor vehicles (personally owned cars) are an indispensable part of our lives. With this popularity comes the fear and increased risk of theft and this is a reality with thousands of car owners falling victim to this despicable crime annually.

In ensuring the protection of your motor vehicle, below are some important steps to note. Please be informed that the following tips are not exhaustive and are for general knowledge only. For professional advice and consultancy, contact us at HoganGuards Limited.

  • Keep track of your keys: Many at times, in an attempt to safely store spare keys, they are kept in easily accessible and predictable places but unfortunately, this only aids the accessibility by criminals who have caught on to this trick and use this knowledge to their advantage. Also, retrieve spare keys given to persons who no longer require it or you have no trust in.
  • Another mistake made by motor vehicle owners is that they lose track of the whereabouts of their keys and this enables thieves and criminals easily have access to the misplaced or carelessly placed keys.
  • Ensure your vehicle is always secured. Always ensure your windows and doors are properly locked. This is a basic security tactic which most people are unfortunately complicit about, thus leading to most car theft/jacking incidents.
  • Also, avoid sitting in the vehicle unlocked. This makes you an easy target and easily accessible for car hijackers.
  • Intelligent parking is an art and must be learnt by all drivers. Park in well-lit and easily accessible areas and the safest place possible. Where possible, park close to the entrance, stationary post of the security officers or in the view direction of security camera/ intrusion alarm. 
  • At all times, avoid displaying valuable items or leaving valuables in the car when exiting. This includes leaving loose change in the vehicle to an iPad forgotten on the back seat. This, in the first instance, encourages smashing of windows by the criminal to snatch the item and in some cases, the whole car is moved! 
  • Car thieves seek out the easiest target when out and effort should be made to physically prevent this. This can be done by the installation of physical anti-theft devices like steering lock, and tyre clamps etc.
  • Many motor vehicle users are careless and do not take sufficient precautions to ensure safety, such as not leaving the car running when not in use. Many are in the habit of leaving the cars running but leaving it unattended to or not even being within the vicinity. 
  • We are experiencing a technological revolution and it is foolhardy not to take advantage of this when it comes to safety and security. Some of these tools include GPS tracking technology provided by Hogan Technologies. Take advantage of a tech-based auto-recovery tool
  • Endeavour to always have your mobile phone handy and fully charged at all times. 
  • Avoid being alone in your vehicle in uncertain areas, high crime neighbourhoods, isolated or abandoned roads and deserted areas of parking lots/ garages. 
  • Always remain aware of your environment. Pick up threats and suspicious movements or actions around you, including stalking or tailing. Where you are unsure whether someone is tailing your vehicle, drive to the closest police station, mall or busy area to take a break from driving before continuing your journey.