There are so many misconceptions when it comes to security and its efficiency in our society, but one of the most commonly asked questions is why secure a vacant property? Statistics show that millions of naira worth of damages are done to vacant property through vandalism. The fact is vacant properties attract trespassers, vandals, and squatters, frequently resulting in damages. 

The issue of vacant properties is a prevalent one in our society because miscreants and other criminals are making use of these vacant facilities and buildings as a base of operation and thereby wreaking havoc in society. There are different ways in which you can secure a vacant facility or property, via manned guarding, security steel, and other innovative technological solutions. The bottom line is to find a cost-effective solution to securing, managing, and monitoring your vacant property.


  • Securing your vacant property is less damaging to the community and attracts fewer criminal elements, making it better prepared for re-occupancy or re-sale.
  • Securing your vacant property promotes a better neighborhood by adding value to the community.
  • Secured property lowers insurance risks.
  • Securing your vacant property is also another way of securing your neighborhood and community, which is part of your civic responsibility.


  • By installing steel security doors and fences.
  • By employing the use of a monitored wireless alarm system.
  • By employing the use of a SMART lockbox with day code functionality.
  • Manned Guarding
  • Perimeter protection
  • Bluetooth-enabled high steel security door.

From technologically innovative steel products to the latest alarm system to full-time manned guarding, there various security options that will help you secure your vacant property. One might reason that there is nothing of importance at the property or that it is empty, but the reality is vacant properties, desolate facilities that are no longer in use, as well as, uncompleted buildings have now been made the dens of criminals and criminal activities. There is a need and responsibility for securing these vacant properties.

Hogan Guards can provide you with Shield Defense Operatives to secure your vacant properties all across Nigeria, while our sister company Hogan Technologies offers technological security solutions. Get in touch with us for a free security risk assessment.