Living alone definitely has its perks, which includes: freedom, the ability to make decisions solely and quickly, while having only yourself to consider, unlimited sole access to resources, etc. But with it comes some disadvantages, including the nervousness attached to living alone, possible loneliness, self-reliance, provision, as well as security of both your life and property.

To this end, it is imperative that when choosing a place to live, security and safety are considered, as you are totally reliant on yourself in that aspect. You must therefore make intentional, realistic and easy-to-use and remember plans to protect yourself from danger.

Below are some security tips to take into consideration when considering living alone.


When considering living alone, it is essential to find a security system that works for you. In finding this, the type of apartment must be considered, limitation of the resident (i.e., your physical, mental, psychological limitations and capabilities). Also, the type of neighbourhood must be considered, including the typical criminal activities prevalent therein.

These days, there are inexpensive, simpler and less confusing security systems available. A security system can provide detection, prevention, protection, of criminal activities, including alerting the appropriate security authorities about danger or a breach of your security. This can also be done whether you are physically present or not.


The increased access to smartphones, internet services and social media, has created a dip in physical interpersonal relationships, as rather than knowing or speaking to each other physically, people do it over the phone. This has also affected neighbourhood relationship and knowledge. People no longer know their neighbours beyond the fact that they are neighbours and therefore, there arises no need to look out for each other.

However, neighbours can play a vital role in crime prevention house intrusion by unwanted guests.


Living alone means you are the only one who can make escape plans with regard to emergencies. It is therefore important that careful exit strategies to evacuate your home in the case of an emergency or intrusion are in place. It could be as simple as outfitting one of your upstairs windows with an emergency ladder or tracing a part through your home to easily get to the back door. Go through a few scenarios and plan to get out of your place quickly and quietly.

Avoid Flaunting Wealth Online or Using Check-in Features

The continued access to mobile phones, the internet and social media has made several careless with regard to the dissemination of information. This information includes location, physical items bought (e.g. jewellery, cars etc.). This gives valuable information to potential intruders and criminals.


One way to feel safer when living alone is to try walking the path of an intruder. Regularly access your apartment from an intruder’s point of view. This assessment should be done from a distance, until you get close, thinking like an intruder. Questions like can the Television set be seen through the window? Can the wardrobe showing the expensive clothes or shoes be seen through the window?

Thinking like this gives an insight into the sort of security system to use, emergency exit strategy, and how to generally make your home less attractive to intruders.


Lights are one of the quickest and easiest ways to deter intruders from gaining access to your house. This is so, as they shine the spotlight on the intruder making the person visible to passers-by and easily recognisable. This is something intruders do not want and it, therefore, serves as both a deterrence and extra line of defence against intruders.

For an additional layer of security, consider engaging a 24-hour remote monitoring system for quick emergency response in the event of an intrusion. Hogan Guards can monitor the external perimeter of your residence in Nigeria or around the world 24 hours a day and deploy operatives to the site of a security breach right from our central command center.