It is imperative that when choosing a place to live, security and safety are considered, as you are totally reliant on yourself in that aspect. You must, therefore, make intentional, realistic and easy to use and remember plans to protect yourself from danger/intruders within your home.

Below are some inexpensive and easy to use technology driven security gadgets you can install in your property.


Asides from manned guards, another easier way of having extra eyes at your apartment is through the use of CCTV security cameras, particularly when you are absent. The CCTV helps inform you about what is going on in your absence or an area in the house you currently aren’t in your apartment and this serves as a deterrent to intruders targeting your home. 

With the popularity, drastic cost reduction, and ease of both installation and use of CCTVs, this has led to increased use of it, which has also led to the arrest of more criminals, as their faces and other means of identification get captured by the CCTV.


One of the most inexpensive ways of spooking a burglar is to be put under the spotlight. Motion sensor outdoor lights make this possible by immediately ensuring bright light is on once movement is sensed and shone directly on the spot the intruder is. This unwanted illumination serves as a deterrence to burglars, as suspicion is raised in the public and catching such a person becomes easier. 


Doorbells are used to raise the alarm that a person is at the door seeking to gain entrance. There are various smart doorbells around, as they not only alert you of a new presence at your door when pressed, they do the same even when not pressed by the visitor and go ahead to capture the face and other information of any person in front of your home. 

These smart doorbells come with live video streaming that can be viewed on a smartphone, remote viewing apps, and two-way communication which enables you to see and talk to whoever is at the door, whether or not you are at home. This provides an extra line of security as a break-in deterrent, while it also helps you protect yourself from a home invasion or other violent attack when you are home. Unwanted visitors can be detected and access to your space totally prevented. These nifty home security additions are usually easy to install and fairly affordable.


Windows and door locking are among the main lines of defense to preventing intruders from gaining access to your home. This, therefore, makes the use of smart locks a very reliable and vital means of deterrence. It is commonplace that hiding keys under foot mats, flowerpots, and other obvious places is tantamount to inviting burglars in. The issue of key loss also is an issue to be considered in determining whether to use smart locks or not.

Smart locks make use of various means of identification, which range from number code to your fingerprint as a key. Many also come with remote control features that enable you to confirm if you have locked the door and if not, lock from anywhere in the world, by the use of your mobile phone.

In conclusion, it is imperative to note that this list is not all-encompassing of the various tools or gadgets available for installation; it is, however, important to consult an expert to make recommendations on the best gadgets tailored for use in your apartment. 

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