Weddings are one of the most important events hosted by people. It is also an avenue for lots of people to catch up with old friends and family, have fun and engage in activities different from ordinary daily life. It is unfortunately also attractive to thugs, touts, thieves, pickpockets, and other criminals who constitute a menace to society, party crashers, and other forms of uninvited guests. This, therefore, highlights the importance of putting in place tight security measures at such a function.

This is to ensure the day goes on without any form of a security breach, avoidable drama, or incident capable of jeopardizing the security and wellbeing of both the attendees and host.

Below are some of the reasons why event security must be considered when planning a party, to ensure the total success of the wedding:

Alcohol: Alcohol is a very common feature at weddings and attendees usually don’t fail to indulge, sometimes overindulge in drinking. With this comes the possibility of alcohol rage, drama, or misbehaviour (including harassment) by drunk wedding guests, which can lead to brawls, fights, and unnecessary chaos.

Safety at the Venue: Security operatives at weddings beforehand scout the environment to pinpoint security threats and loopholes, while also providing professional advice on countering the same. Also, they help in preventing unwanted/uninvited guests from having access to the event. They generally ensure the safety of all attendees, while removing problematic individuals as peacefully as possible.

Wedding Crashers: This is one of the important reasons wedding security is important. The presence of security operatives has prevented wedding crashers like ex-lovers, uninvited relatives, or persons obsessed with either of the couple from disrupting the wedding. Touts, thugs, and miscreants are also prevented.

Crowd Direction and Car Parking: security operatives assist in giving directions to attendees with regards to the parking of vehicles, where to sit down, access to a restroom, dance floor, gifting to the couple, exiting the event, etc.

Crowd Control: weddings usually have large numbers of attendees and getting the crowd under control is very important to have a successful event, as the crowd getting out of hand is a very apparent possibility. The need for crowd control arises due to intoxication by alcohol, rivalry among attendees, feuds among family members, or unsatisfactory service rendition by the wedding staff. This can escalate rather quickly, thus causing unnecessary drama and chaos. The security operatives can keep things under control and peacefully remove uncooperative attendees from the event.

Security of Personal Belongings: people attend weddings with precious jewelry, and other valuables, like phones, etc. the job of the security operatives is to help in securing these items, by preventing theft and calling the attention of owners to carelessly placed items.

Dealing with Emergencies: security operatives serve as emergency responders in the event of security breach or injury. They also contact the appropriate law enforcement agency to attend to such situations.

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