What is Manned Guarding? 

Manned guard (also referred to as static guarding) is the oldest and most utilized form of security provision. It simply means a professional security guard physically manning your property against criminal damage, theft, and unlawful entry.

Manned guarding provides the user with skill, experience, and a visible deterrence to criminals.

Who would benefit from a Manned Guarding Service?

Every premise can benefit from the use of manned guarding, irrespective of the size, location, and nature of the property, including:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Vacant sites and buildings
  • Service providers
  • Warehouse and distribution centres
  • Construction sites
  • Shopping centres

 Benefits of Manned Guarding.

Some benefits of manned guarding include:

  • Provide a visual deterrent to criminals who would have otherwise trespassed, vandalized, or burglarized your property
  • They are quick to identify potential security threats and efficiently respond to them.
  • They also attend to other forms of emergencies on site, e.g., fire and flood.
  • Guard the premises against unauthorised access or damage.
  • Guard the property against destruction, damage and theft.
  • Protect individuals against assault or injury occasioned by the unruly and unlawful acts of others, whether they are legally allowed access to the premises or not.
  • Monitor and respond to alarm systems, CCTV and other security technologically powered gadgets.
  • Gate and general access control services.
  • Provide first aid.
  • Liaise with the police and other emergency responders.
  • Provide specialised service to fit the specific need of your property, premises or business needs.

It is important to note that the above is not an exhaustive list of the benefits individuals and businesses stand to gain from the use of manned guards, neither is this article to downplay the importance of technology in security provision. It is rather to emphasize the importance of manned guards and why it complements technology in security.

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