The sale of jewellery contributes greatly to the global income index of nations, however, the accompanying loss suffered by many sellers to thieves’ runs into millions on a yearly basis. The question then begs to be answered, after purchasing your eye catching jewelleries, showcases and other tools necessary for the display and sale, how do you protect your jewelleries from theft.

We shall be considering some of the various ways jewelleries get stolen from shops and ways to reduce the risk of such occurrence. Thus, our first shall be smash and run.

Smash and run theft are far too common in the jewellery industry and they amount to millions of naira in losses annually. The perpetuators before carry out such dastardly acts take into consideration some of the following: a.) shop lay out b) lightening c) shop location d)time of the day e) number of people present in the shop f)security measures available g) modus operandi of the shop, etc., as their knowledge of same contribute to the chances of success.

Below are a few tips to reduce the risk of falling a victim’

  1. Before displaying jewellery to any customer, always ensure all tools necessary for a sale are gathered and at arm’s length, and if you must leave a customer unattended to, ensure the jewellery is returned to the showcase glass. This is important, as smash and run thieves only require a few seconds to grab the item and run away as fast as possible. They rely of speed and the absence of though access control system to aid their activities.  Also, do not turn away from the client, while a jewellery piece is in his/her hand or reachable.
  • One of the gimmick used by perpetuators is to ensure there are various items in their presence, thus causing your attention to be divided, rather than being focussed on pone or two items. By these means, they can easily grab one of the various expensive pieces without your noticing until it is too late; they have left your premises. This can be made a policy and have it explained to clients upon entry to the establishment.

Where it is necessary for there to be more than one jewellery out at a time, personally were all the pieces, to prevent access by the thief.

  • Focusing on one customer at a time, presents you the opportunity to provide quality and exceptional customer service, alongside making your shop s difficult target for smash and run thieves, as there is assurance of undivided focus and attention.
  • Be sure to stay alert at all times. Thieves have over time developed various ways of causing distraction, therefore having your focus reduced on their activities in the shop. These tactics includes, starting arguments with members of staff, throwing a tantrum etc., just to get away with items.
  • Make it a habit to lock the showcase after removing or returning items, or generally when not in use, even if you are walking away for a short time. When handling merchandise, replace an item and lock the showcase before going to a second showcase for an item. Unlocked showcases make it easy for thieves to grab items and run out the door.
  • Keep every slot in display trays filled with merchandise or markers, so you know if something is missing.
  • Display high-value merchandise away from the exit. Luxury watches, large-carat jewellery items and other high-value pieces should be distributed among several cases located as far as possible from any means of ingress/egress. Also, a form of extra deterrence, place obstacles such as other showcases or furniture between your high-value merchandise and the exits.
  • Where a customer you are unfamiliar with requests to see items of high value, politely request for a means of identity, e.g. drivers licence, international passport, etc. this is requested to verify the true identity of the individual and therefore, effort must be made to confirm the legitimacy of the document.

A legitimate customer should be unbothered by this request.

  • The layout of your store is important, as ease of accessibility is one of the things thieves rely upon when carrying out their actions. It is recommended that the layout of the store is in a way that there will be obstacles prevent direct access between the exit/entrance and the showcases holding jewelleries.

It is important to note that the above tips are not exhaustive and are only provided for education and awareness. Therefore, for professional advice and input, professional security operatives must be consulted.

At Hoganguards limited, we provide security service and consultancy tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, with the aim of ensuring the protection of life and property.