Holiday/vacation period is one of the most anticipated period of the year by both workers, students and children. This is so, as it afford the opportunity for many to travel, visit tourist spots or engage in activities they otherwise cannot participate in due to time and other constraints. Unfortunately, criminals do not participate in vacationing and rather, they are on a high alert and rampage during this period, as most people are relaxed and security lessened.

When going on vacation, below are some security tips to consider:

  1. Research your vacation spot:

Before travelling or visiting a location, carryout research on the train, the security level, do’s and don’ts, emergency routes, etc. and other researchable information. Try to get familiar with the location before your visit. Thus, consult online resources, travel brochures, etc.

Another important travel security precaution to consider, is to know whom to call in an emergency. Get the contact information for the nearest embassy or consulate (when travelling abroad), police station, and other local emergency departments.

  • Avoid standing out:

When vacationing, one important thing to avoid is drawing attention to yourself. Tourists are often the victim of scams, fraud and criminality and are usually easy targets. Ensure to as much as possible blend in with the locals, choose cloths that don’t immediately call attention to you as a visitor, and be discreet when consulting maps and location/direction devices, approach people cautiously and politely when asking for direction. If possible, get a tour guide.

  • Make copies of important documents

Keep copies of important document like your international passport, driver’s license or another form of identification at arm’s length, this is to avoid a scene with migration law enforcement while on the streets.  This also prevents you from always scrambling for documents when the need arises. It also helps in preserving your original document from getting lost while enjoying your vacation.

  • Keep your friends and family updated about your location and activities

No matter the type of vacation, when a trip to the beach, a weekend long holiday, a month long international trip, always ensure to keep family and friends in the loop of things. Constantly inform them about your activities and location. In the vent of a sudden change of plans, immediately inform them of this. Ensure those accompanying you are also aware of the regular updates given to your family and friends back home this has many ties prevented tourists from becoming kidnap victims, as the perpetuator is not confident about not getting caught, due to the itinerary shared.

  • Locked windows & doors before you leave

While it may sound simple and basic, many people forget to lock the door or windows to their houses before leaving, thus leading to uninterrupted break-in. this also applies to hotel rooms for many.

Even if your hotel/ lodge has put in place strong security measures in place to ensure the safety of guests, personal security and safety must be observed. Lock doors when both leaving and staying in the rook, ensure windows are shut if possible.

Also, avoid giving the impression that you are alone or have no one close by to call in the time of need.

Don’t let any strangers into your room, even if they say they work for the hotel. You can always call the front desk to check whether someone was ordered by hotel staff to come to your room.

  • Avoid posting your vacation on social media

Social media is one of the way many have exposed themselves to thieves, scammers, etc., by posting items and events which expose their location or present them as wealthy when they are not.

As excited as you are about sharing your relaxation period with social media friends or tempting as it may be to post pictures and updates of your vacation as it’s happening, waiting until after you return from the vacation is a better time to upload. If not, you risk letting would-be thieves know in real time where you are and when you’re coming back. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to break into your home while you’re away, attack you wherever you are or on your way back home.

  • Be aware of your surroundings

When in a new place, it is important to stay aware and cautious of the environment, notice suspicious movements and persons, make head notes about routes and landmarks, leave a location if you feel uncomfortable, etc.

While the tips to consider when vacationing are numerous, the above can only provide a guide into thing to consider when vacationing.