Security and information are both essential elements in our society. It is important to note that information is an undeniably important tool in security. This is where privacy comes into play, there are certain information that is meant only for selected individuals and not the general public. There are some information that can pose as a security threat to a person. It is important we learn what information to divulge when in public spaces. There are various stories of armed robbers, assassins, kidnappers and other criminal elements, who operates solely on the information they have received about a person or place. This issue is one that affects everyone irrespective of age, gender, education and class.

In this age in which mobile phones are a major tool used in passing and receiving information, it is easy to divulge personal information without meaning to. Most of us have long and important conversations on the phone without being cautious of those around us or even what we say and how it can impact our security. Here are some essential tips to taking phone calls in public.

  • Any phone call in public that is more than a brief conversation, tell the caller to call you back or call he/her back when you are in a secured or private environment.
  • Ensure to keep the volume of your voice to a minimum when taking phones in public.
  • Censure the kind of conversations you have when in public either on the phone or otherwise.
  • Do not make phone calls when in traffic because it makes it easier for criminals to snatch and steal your phone.
  • Always be alert and cautious when making phone calls in public or when generally using your phone in public.

Note that in as much as receiving and passing of information is important there are still factors to consider when using your phones in public. This is so because security risk, threat and crime are at an all-time high. The rules to follow is simple, how and what phone calls to make in public depends on; location, context, and nature of the conversation. This will help you ascertain where, when and how to make phone calls.