While the job of security officers is to provide safety for the clients, community, clients’ lives and property, it is equally important that the security officers are protected to carry out their duty successfully. Many security officers put their life at risk daily to ensure the safety of others and are usually the first targets of criminals.

So, how can security officers actively protect themselves from danger while on duty?

Below are tips and precautions to be considered by security officers:

  1. When on duty, it is important to vary patrol routes, times and methods regularly, as criminal can observe the pattern of the security officer and carry out their criminal activity when out of sight. Thus, be unpredictable with your patterns and methods of carrying out your duty.
  2. It is important to as much as possible wear comfortable clothing while on security duty. Thus, uniforms that encourage free and quick movement, are not elaborate or dramatic and fit must be provided and worn at all times while on duty. This will enable proper reaction and response, particularly when there is an emergency.
  3. Security officers must be properly trained and aware of security measures, emergency response. This is important in the event of fire outbreak, accidents, break-in and other incidents which qualify as security breach. Learn about arresting suspects till handover to the police, perseverance, where there are suspected mid night thieves etc.
  4. It is important to have a good understanding of the work environment and terrain, as this will inform you on things to avoid, escape routes in the events of emergency situations like: earthquake, etc. it will  also determine you’re your patrol pattern, movement pattern and also notice out of  place items.
  5. It is important to employ the use of safety gadgets and protective vests as the need arise to ensure quality service delivery and prevent harm from occurring. Also, the installation of equipment like: CCTV, panic alarm system, fencing alarm system, etc. aid in the service delivery and protection of lives and property.
  6. Be prepared: Make sure you’re prepared to deal with even the worst-case scenario. Although these types of situations are rare, you should be prepared to handle any situation that might arise. Know the security procedures and protocols of the sites you patrol. Memorize the exits and how to reach them quickly from different locations.

At hoganguards limited, our security officers are fully trained and taught to take cognisance of their own security as well. For further information on our services, kindly contact marketing@hoganguards.com