The onset of the COVID19 pandemic in the first half of 2020 has especially impacted the way and manner many individuals go shopping. Many people have moved from shopping directly from physical stores to online shopping, thus leading to an increase in delivery service.

In most multiple renters or owners building, tons of spaces are shared and you cannot predict the character of neighbours, thus the issue of delivery package theft.

Below are some tips house agents, facility managers and tenants should consider in help tackle or reduce cases of package theft in shared residential spaces:

  1. Builders should ensure stairways and lobbies are not easily accessible to the general public. This is a means of access control, as where everyone, including those who are not residents have unhindered access to such spaces, the risk of package theft is increased.
  2. Installation of security cameras in shared spaces can serve as a deterrent to perpetuators. It will also help in capturing the events around package delivered, including confirming that the delivery occurred.
  3. Invest in a delivery management system. This comes in various forms and can include using security operatives stationed at the gate of the residence to take delivery and keep records. Through this means, there is the assurance of it not getting stolen. Domestic staff employed by the package owner can also serve this purpose by taking delivery.

Another means is to provide package lockers for each resident and packages shall be deposited there by the delivery personnel. It is however important to note that for this to be effective, there must be someone to take initial delivery or accompany the storage in the locker process.

  • Ask for help from neighbours to take delivery. This would ensure someone takes delivery and you know the particular person.

At Hoganguards Limited, we provide manned security operatives/guards at both residential and industrial buildings. Also, we recognise the importance of technology in physical security and are a leading supplier/installer of varying security gadgets.

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