Many crimes occur at night, as attention is less given the sparse movement and thus, it is not an option but a necessity. Properties that have seen luxurious or seem to house valuable things are at a higher risk of night time vandalism and burglary, especially when the property is left unmonitored. The presence of night shift guards serves not only as a deterrent to potential crime but also allows for quick response to emergency issues that may arise.

Below are pointers to show that your business or property need night shift guards:

  1. Large premises: properties housing unguarded facilities like factories, clubs, and corporate offices are at a high risk of crime than others, as they seem inviting and promise to hold spoils of loot in them. Having a strong security system can reduce the vulnerability and thus help in conserving profit.
  1. Construction site: a construction site is one the favourite places of criminals, as they are usually not only able to harass workers, they also steal construction tools and other items on site. If your business site is under construction or you work as an engineer, it is important that security guards are employed to serve as a deterrent to miscreants.
  2. Valuable assets or goods are in the premises: Even with the best security technology gadgets installed, businesses with expensive and valuable assets or goods like jewellery stores are at a higher risk for burglary and theft. It is thus important to employ trained guards to keep watch of the premises to avoid loss.
  3. High crime rate vicinity. If your business is in a location with high crime rate, it is necessary to employ the service of trained security guards to help deter criminals from having access to the business premises.
  4. If your business has recently witnessed overnight crimes, it is important o employ security guards, as the perpetuators see the site as an easy target and will raid again in the nearest future.
  5. Businesses that take overnight deliveries. To have a seamless and delivery process, it is imperative that security operatives are employed to prevent miscreants and hooligans from gaining access to the premises for the purpose of stealing and harassment.

Various businesses have different night security needs according to varying factors like: location, size of premises, etc. and thus, specialist advice is needed. For professional consultation, kindly contact HOGANGUARDS LIMITED on