Small businesses are usually have a high risk of burglaries, especially in closely populated areas and thus, it is important businesses invest in the right security, so as not to fall a victim, as it directly impacts profit.

Below are some tips to prevent the occurrence of burglaries:

  1. Use tempered glass and other forms of impenetrable glass. This would make breaking difficult and cause unnecessary noise and attention to the perpetuator. This thus serves as a deterrent to the perpetuator.
  2. Using cross bars in front of doors and windows. As above, this would deter perpetuators, as it requires time and energy to destroy, thus possibly bringing unnecessary attention from passer-by’s.
  3. Invest in an alarm system: as the name suggest, an alarm system calls attention once there is a break in and is usually attached to a close by police station for immediate action.
  4.  Security cameras: most criminals evade recognition and thus stay away from anything which can aid their recognition by the public or law enforcement. Cameras can act as a deterrent in addition to providing proof of a crime or an incident. It is also important to avoid blind spots when installing camera. The main focus should be the entrance, and exit, payment point, stalls housing products, and other key areas. Thus blind spots should be avoided to ensure everything happening in the store is properly captured.
  5. Darkness encourages crime, as it hides the perpetuators from being visible to the public. Keeping a well-lit exterior helps security cameras installed capture the facial features or clothing on a burglar and their means of entry.
  6. Hire professional security guards: even with the presence of technological gadgets, the importance of a security guard cannot be overridden. They serve as a deterrent to criminals, carryout patrolling and watch the property, while making observations on how to further heighten security.
  7. Place products in spots which are difficult to access by a burglary, as this serves a deterrent, since they cannot be easily grabbed and made away with. For example expensive items should be placed in a locked safe at the close of business of the day.
  8. Do not keep spare keys, alarm codes and other similar things in easily accessible places. Burglars are smart and would check the most likely places to gain easy access without calling attention to themselves.