Hiring the service of an overnight security guard is one of the big investments made towards securing your life and property, thus, the person employed must render service the right way. Due to the duty time, they may skip a few attention to details necessary for effective service delivery and this can lead to loss or encourage criminals to carry out their dastardly act. To ensure the night duty guards are carrying out their job appropriately, below are some things they must do or embody.

1. They must be visible at all time

One of the greatest importance of physical security guards is that they are a physical representation of deterrence to would be criminal. It is therefore important that a night duty guard is visible at all time to ensure

Rather than staying in one spot all through the shift, guards should patrol the entire premises at intervals to mark their presence to would be criminals.

2. They Should Be Proactive, alert and vigilant

In addition to protecting life and property from vandalism and burglary, guards must keep all senses active in order to see, smell, hear and feel anything out of the ordinary. For instance, a night guard must be alert and vigilant to detect the smell of a burning cable.

Thus, regularly checking equipment, sensitive spots etc. must be done.

3. Quick Response

While security guards are expected to be proactive, alert and vigilant, it is important that they are intuitive and quick to respond to emergency situations whenever they arise, to ensure they do not escalate. Security guards must be able to act quickly and decisively and quickly based on instincts, to ensure situations are controlled and threats tackled.

Swift action can prevent loss of life and property.

4. Reporting

When anything suspicious occurs, such must be brought to the attention of the security team immediately for investigation. Also, where a guard notices things out of the ordinary, faults, etc., such must be reported to the appropriate reporting authority promptly, without leaving anything behind. It has been seen over time, that failure to report miniscule things have lead or larger incidents and loss.

5. Dressed in proper uniform and kit at all time

Night security guards must be properly dressed at all times. This is to ensure they are easily identified. Also, kit are made in such a way that they aid in service rendition, like comfortable running shoes, torchlight, baton, etc. they are provided to also ensure the security and safety of the guard while on duty.