A security operative, Mr. Abu Joseph, has been rewarded with a cash gift from his employer, security company Hogan Guards, for extinguishing a kitchen fire at the residence he was tasked with securing.

The incident took place in July when Mr. Joseph said he heard the sound of a fire alarm and went closer to the building to investigate. At that point, he noticed flames coming from inside the kitchen on the lower level of the building, so he alerted the residents, who were on the top level, by ringing the doorbell. He was allowed inside the residence where he was able to extinguish the flames.

The client, who chose to remain unnamed for confidentiality purposes, said she was grateful for Mr. Joesph’s alertness, quick thinking, and selfless actions. She also voiced appreciation for Hogan Guards providing an operative who she said takes his duties seriously and stays alert throughout his night shift. 

Responding to this incident, the CEO of Hogan Guards, Mr. Paul J. Ibirogba, stated that Mr. Abu Joseph’s actions are commendable and he showed appreciation for the effort and hard work of security personnel and those in his team involved in training and equipping the operatives with the skills needed to succeed. 

“Fire prevention and detection is one of the key reasons our clients contract us to secure their lives and facilities, and cases like this illustrate the importance of security,” said Mr. Ibirogba.

He added that routine foot patrol around the premises is performed at key intervals by operatives to detect flooding, fire, or other disasters like structural issues, in addition to potential security breaches such as intrusions.

Mr. Joseph appreciated the company for the reward which, to him, was unexpected because he felt he was simply carrying out his duties. Nonetheless, he felt immense gratitude.

The CEO said that his company’s operatives routinely prevent numerous disasters, citing an example of a similar case at the residence of one of the foreign ambassadors the company protects in Abuja, where an operative similarly extinguished a fire earlier this year.