Road transportation is the most commonly used means of transportation worldwide and it has also seen some of the worst criminal attacks in the history of man. However, to ensure safety when driving, below are some tips to consider before or during road traveling:

1. Ensure all vehicle documents and driver’s license are updated

To prevent any form of delay by law enforcement agents, thus exposing you to attack by hoodlums, it is important to get all documents required to drive a vehicle updated, alongside other gadgets like fire extinguishers, etc. failure to have all necessary documents can lead to delay on the road, thus exposing you to danger, as many criminals carry out their deadly activities when it is night.

2. Always lock the doors, ensure windows are not too low and avoid unnecessary stopovers

Ensure windows are winded up while leaving sufficient room for ventilation where necessary and doors locked to prevent any form of forceful opening and entry while traveling.

3. Avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself

Travellers should avoid drawing attention, by the use of attractive jewellery, dressing, phone conversation, etc., as these are common ways to attract negative attention from criminals, who may attack if the opportunity presents itself.

Refrain from engaging in verbal exchanges with unknown persons or altercations.

4. Avoid late night or early morning traveling

It is best to travel when the sum of out, as against when it is still dark, as darkness provides a shield for the perpetuation of crime. Darkness also prevents the victim from recognising the perpetrator and there is less chance of getting caught by law enforcement officers.

5. Avoid picking up unknown people by the roadside and avoid free rides from unknown persons

It has become a habit by persons, particularly when traveling a long distance to pickup fellow travellers by the roadside, in a bid to get paid for the journey. This is a risky activity and is an endangerment for the driver. Criminals are known to take advantage of benevolence and humanitarian acts to commit crimes and cart away the belonging of others.