One of the many exciting activities people embark on is traveling internationally for a pleasurable time, while others need to travel for work of school and other important reasons. In all, it is important to be safe while away from your home country. Below are a few tips to consider when travelling internationally.

  • Have the Electronic Copies of all Your travel Documents: it is not uncommon for travel documents to get missing or damaged while in transit, due to various reason, it is thus important to always have an electronic backup of all your documents like,  immunization record, itinerary, medical insurance card, passport, plane tickets, travel insurance, and visas before you leave. Email the file to yourself and keep it in your inbox so you can access the information from your smartphone should the paperwork be lost or damaged.
  • Avoid carrying all valuable important/ possession Together: when traveling, it seems easier leave all documents, means of identification, money, credit cards, etc in one spot in your hotel room when out exploring the city or going about your business. This should be avoided. All important ones should at all time be placed in several positions in your person, to avoid theft and other incidents.
  • Avoid carrying things in Your Back Pocket: Theft and pick pocketing is common in specific areas around the world, and is one of the many reasons international travelers are left stranded, as many are left without their important document, mobile phone or money, thus unable to feely navigate their way around or return home. The back pocket is one of the easiest ways for pickpockets to steal from.
  • Keep Items to Your Front: Just like in the previous tip, bags should at all time be in front of you and not left dangling behind or at your feet.
  • Look Back When Leaving a spot: this tip is essential to avoid leaving anything behind and will also help you know quickly if you have been dispossessed of your possession.
  • Avoid unnecessary extravagance: while it is tempting to use all the new and expensive gadgets, or jewelry throughout your trip, it possess a security risk, as thieves around can make you a target for their next crime.

Keep it simple at all time.

  • Avoid talking to strangers: Of course, it is impossible to speak to anyone when traveling, it is however important to be careful when doing so. Avoid oversharing, do not give personal information or get carried away while talking to strangers, as these may open you up to criminal activities. Don’t talk to strangers who don’t look trustworthy, do not accept food or drink from them, and do not go somewhere with them unless they are your licensed tour guide and you’re on your booked tour.
  • Avoid public internet cafes: When traveling abroad, avoid entering card details in public cafes, as this is one of the ways internet fraudsters get access to bank details and illegally take your money. Also, avoid using public internet. Most are corrupted and provide access to personal details, passwords, etc.

This list is not exhaustive, as there are numerous safety tips to consider when traveling internationally, it is therefore important to conduct extensive research on the area to be visited, associated security risks, reviews by other travelers, etc, before deciding on traveling and the location specific security considerations.

Also, if you fall a victim of theft and other crimes, ensure a report is immediately made to the local police and if disposed of your means of identification, passport and similar document, immediately visit the embassy or consulate of your country for guidiance.

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