Burglary and unwanted entry are one of the most prevalent security breaches experienced worldwide, thus, property owners must therefore constantly come up with ways to prevent this from happening. An automatic door is an easy-access, simple-to-operate system for the doors of any type of business, industrial, residential or commercial property.

Below are some ways an automatic door can protect you and/or your business:

  1. They help capture everyone entering the building: Whether in a commercial or residential building and irrespective of the number of personnel at the entryway, human beings are unable to notice every person who enters and leaves the premises. Automatic door systems are more efficient, as they are usually outfitted with video monitoring, and will capture everyone who walks through the door, hands-free/ without interference
  2. They offer fire protection escape routes: Whenever there is a fire, getting people out of the building and slowing down the spread is a priority. Automatic doors can aid the actualization of this.

You must ensure that people don’t fumble with doors, and enter rooms they should not, thus getting caught up in smoke/fire. Automatic door systems are fitted with commercial access controls that close safely in the event of a fire. This prevents the spread of smoke and gives people enough time to escape to safety.

  • They lock unwanted people in: Locking unwanted people inside a building until police officers arrive at the scene is essential and is one of the ways of ensuring a criminal is dealt with according to the law. Also, the intruder when locked in is prevented from causing greater havoc in other parts of the premises, without having to struggle with finding the key, risking lives, or fear of the lock not being strong enough.
  • They keep unwanted people out: the same way as automatic doors can lock unwanted people in, they can also lock unwanted people out of the premises, without confrontation.
  • They offer easy accessibility: automatic doors allow access to persons who would otherwise have difficulty opening doors with a lock and key. This includes old people, young children, and people living with a disability.

Also, automatic doors create a customer-friendly and free atmosphere.

The installation of an automatic door opener allows a business to save money in one or more areas of their life.

  1. Promotes hygienic: with the continued covid19 pandemic, the use of an automated door cannot be overemphasized. It encourages good hygiene, as it does not require the need to touch a doorknob, handle, or door.
  1. Stress-free: An automatic door has the ability to make life easier for all parties involved, as not only does it record information of persons entering or exiting, it does not require effort in opening or locking.
  2. Saves space and is easy to install: An automatic door can be a useful means of maximizing one’s space where the erection of normal doors may be otherwise space-consuming.
  3. Cost-effective: Unlike the usual wear and tear that comes with too many accidental wind-induced door slams, missing keys, broken lock, or doorknobs of your usual door. An automatic door is less likely to need repairs as often.

Automatic doors are simple to use and provide numerous benefits for businesses and private residences, as they can improve the security and functionality of your space in no time.

However, when looking to install automatic door systems, it is important to work with a company that uses high-quality products in installation and the necessary maintenance you need to keep your automatic door systems working correctly.