When we think about partying hard and dancing to release tension we think of nightclubbing, dancing to music is a way of exercise, it has been proven to be the fastest way of burning out calories.

Succinctly, we can also argue that nightclubs are a way of relaxing and connecting with new and old friends, closing business deals. But beyond this euphoria and mirage of nightclubbing, is dangling danger to individuals going to clubs.

It is a sad fact that not everyone in a nightclub is there to party, and neither is everyone there to have a peaceful stay. From bar fights to drunken shouts, etc. a nightclub opens one up to various security/life-threatening events.

Staying safe in a nightclub requires a lot of planning and application of common sense. Here are a few tips to help you dance the night away safely and without fear.

  1. Don’t go alone

The more the merrier? True. There is strength in numbers? Definitely True. While the first tip to have a safe night would be to stay indoors and cuddle your bed, this is definitely not the best. to explore the very abundant and pleasant nightlife, it is advisable to go out with a group of friends. When leaving the seating area for the restroom or checking out other rooms in the establishment, ensure your friends are duly informed. Also, regularly check up on your friends to ensure everyone is OK and accounted for.

  • Find your exits

Whenever you visit a club and similar establishments, it is important to locate all entry and exit ways, including emergency doors. This is to help prepare you for a quick exit should a fire or disaster occur in your presence. However, do keep in mind that just because a sign points to an exit doesn’t mean that the exit will actually be there or that it will open. Upon arrival, make sure to eye scan and test exits, making this a habit may someday save your life.

  • Key an eye on your drinks at all time

One of the mistakes many club goers make is failing to keep an eye on drinks ordered or leaving drinks unattended while participating in other activities. Many fall victim to rape, robbery, and other criminal activities, after consuming drinks contaminated by drugs, which are usually tasteless, colourless, and odourless.

Where possible, drink out of bottles and always ensure your drink is in front of you.

  • Figure out your transportation ahead of time.

Do not leave your transportation to luck or maybe’s, especially if your location is out of your usual route or common area. Have the phone number of a cab driver who is willing to pick you up at any time. It is highly recommended that you do not solely rely on e-taxi platforms.

Basic advice, never a ride from strangers.

  • Be alert and smart.

If a situation feels wrong or unsafe, it is best to leave that environment immediately. Your safety is the most important, so ensure to not compromise it.